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Cooking Mama 2 Presents

cooking mama 2 presents

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Bila kucing tak ada, tikus bermaharajalela...

Bila kucing tak ada, tikus bermaharajalela...

Inilah "tikus" itu = Rafiqh Tsuyoshi !!! hahaha
Agaknya macam ni laa keadaannya bila kucing tak ada dan tikus pun bermaharajalela yer... Sungguh tak terkawal ok!

3 gambar atas tu dia cuba meniru perlakuan ayahnya, bilamana ayahnya pergi kerja! Cantik jer duduk atas kerusi ayahnya sambil punggah segala mak nenek benda atas tu. Segala apa yang ada atas tu except laptop, dia tolak, tarik, letak atau campak je ke bawah. Then he took his own stuff and put them on the table, ala2 buat meja tu harta sendiri. Ayahnya pun satu, dah tahu anak tu dah pandai bergerak memanjat dan bla2, masih tak tahu nak kemas elok2 atas meja tu sebelum keluar. Bila balik, haa tengok laa bersepah2 anaknya dah kerjakan. Tu pun nasib baik dia tak panjat naik atas meja tu, selalunya pantang ada peluang, tengok2 dah duduk atas meja dah. Kadang2 kalau rajin, I tolong kemaskan, tapi bila datang geram dan malas, I biar jer, so ada point laa nanti nak suruh ayahnya yang kemas sendiri, hihi.

Tu dia dapat pulak tisu, habis dikoyak2, memang pantang nampak tisu dan kertas, semua nak koyak. I bagi majalah2 lama untuk dia koyak, suka kemain lagi kalau dapat mengoyak, hobi kot!

Koleksi mainan dah makin bertambah. Masa balik Malaysia hari tu, myLove angkut beli macam2 jenis benda, seronok betul sebab bila convert ke yen money, sangat laa murah. Apatah lagi sekarang duit yen naik mencanak2 kan, shopping sakan laa... Bila bertambah mainan, as usual makin bertambah laa kerja mama. Umur baru setahun, memang laa tak reti nak mengemas lagi kan, tapi slowly dah kena ajar. Bila dah habis main, I ajak dia untuk sama2 kemas, paling tidak pun I suruh dia tengok I kemas, tak boleh tinggal bersepah2. Apa pun jenis mainan, semua kena kemas walaupun kejap lagi akan sambung main lagi. So harap2nya dia boleh faham konsep "kemas" tu nanti.

Dalam 2 gambar di bawah tu ada toys warna-warni tu kan, dipanggil blocks set creation and actually it's for children 3 years ++. Rafiqh dah mula suka main dengan benda tu, I will open the bag, he will take all of them out, at first 1 by 1, but after that bila dah bosan lambat sangat nak kosong, dia tonggang ja semua. He don't know how to combine the blocks yet but he loves to rungkai2 bila myLove or I yang buatkan. So tugas I setiap hari ialah sambung2 the blocks dan Rafiqh pulak cabut2 semula. Entah apa2 kan?! MyLove pun dah janji sama anaknya, bila dah pandai main nanti, he will buy lego set yang quite pricy tu untuk Rafiqh. Eiii bestnya, nanti boleh mama join sama ek, hihi...

Oh ya, I'm now quite busy with my tikus's 1st birthday party preparation(hahaha gila jahat mak ni panggil anak sendiri tikus). I need to go to soo many places to survey all the party thingy. At first, we plan to held the party at International house hall, we want to wait for my family to come first(my family will be here from 19dec until 27dec) so that we can celebrate it all together, but then we change the plan. So we are not going to make it a big celebration, just a small one at our own house, cause I am the only one who will cook all those foods for that day. We will held it either on 6 or 7 dec, it's quite hard to make a party preparation, so it will be great if I am the only one who involve in it, I don't want to spoil my family's holidays when they are here, but don't worry adik and alang, we are going to make a "small party" among us okey, and please don't forget to bring the very special present for this little toddler-to-be heh! and also for his mommy, muahahaha.
I feel like it has been so long time from the last time I cooked for open house or party. Yes, if I'm not mistaken almost 2 years! Minds you guys, it's not just to cook main menu such as nasi, mee and etc only, but it also contains side menu, desert, junk foods, drinks, cake and of course I have to manage the plate thingy also, right?! I'm kinda afraid I could not make it smooth as plan so I think it's better for us to make it a simple party instead of the "real" birthday party, heh! I have another 2weeks++ to go... Gambatte mama!

Jakob and me and 16 things

Jakob and me and 16 things

Have been tagged by Girl Least Likely to, The Dolly Mama and Jillibug
So here are 16 random things about me:
1.) Married to the love of my life
2.) As a child I wanted to become an interior designer but my parents kept telling me that one cannot earn a life with this profession.....................................
3.) Due to money shortage I wasn't a spoiled child when it came to toys so now it seems I am overcompensation fulfilling my dreams from that time when I make things for our children or collect dolls and plan a dollhouse...
4. ) I love everything British and would love to live there. I am dying when I hear the accent....
5.) I studied English/American literature, German literature and Sociology but only graduated in the last and made a career as a sales manager at a newspaper (should have stayed with the interior design to save time!)
6.) My parents wanted to have a boy and dressed me like one and cut my hair like one so that when I became adolescent in the 80es I was wearing mini skirts all the time and looked like a cheap imitation of Farah Fawcett Majors on my head...
7.) I wanted to marry either Prince Chrles of England or Prince Albert of Monaco as a child and teenager. My family could not understand why I liked a nearly bold guy. I finally married Markus but when we went to Monaco last year, Pauline saw a postcard or Albert and said: "hey, look, this man looks like daddy with more weight!" - no words! And when I presented Markus at home, my aunt said: "So she really married Albert then - who would have guessed..."
8.) I love sweets, especially chocolate truffles
9.) If there is creme brulee on the menue I always have it
10.) If the menue in a restaurant has too many items, it takes hours for me to decide. I prefer restaurants with 3 choices or so. Sometimes I cannot make a decision...
11.) As a child, I planned to have 5 children. I ended up with 3 due to my age (had the first child with 34)
12.) I love to move around and change flats, houses and countries. I moved 18 times so far - no end in sight!
13.) My closest family connection ever will be to my grandma who brought me up and tought me so much about life. She died with 98 and I know she is still watching me and taking care. I cook her dishes, use her linens, have her pictures, say her words and always have her in my heart
14.) I dislike peoplewho are too status oriented and focus their life to much on that
15.) One of the greatest things of the last two years was to discover Flickr and entering a world of so many nice people who make my day with their pictures and words and comments - so uplifting every day!
16.) My children are really a strain on the nerves but they are the best thing that happened to Markus and me and we adore them!

cooking mama 2 presents

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