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Watch Beautiful Cooking 2 : The Neelys Cooking : Healthy Kids Cooking.

Watch Beautiful Cooking 2

watch beautiful cooking 2

    beautiful cooking
  • Beautiful Cooking (Traditional Chinese: , literally: Beautiful Girl's Kitchen) is a Hong Kong variety show broadcast on TVB. The show began broadcasting in May 28, 2006 hosted by Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong and Edmond Leung. The second season began broadcast from April 5, 2009.

  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"

  • Keep under careful or protective observation

  • a small portable timepiece

  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time

  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty

  • Secretly follow or spy on

  • two: being one more than one; "he received two messages"

  • .2 Network (pronounced Dot-Two Network) is the name of an upcoming television network designed for digital television subchannels (hence the ".2") owned by Guardian Enterprise Group that will replace the GTN network on a date yet to be announced.

  • two: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number

after cook: gratin de tagliatelles au choux de Bruxelles & fruits de mer.

after cook: gratin de tagliatelles au choux de Bruxelles & fruits de mer.

Compo: 500g fresh tagliatelle, 150g French Franche Compte liquid stinky cheese - cancailotte a l'ail nature, 200g mix of fruits de mer, 100g crevettes, 300g choux de Bruxelles, 25g of butter - with salt de Guerrande, traces of: persil - tasty, estragon - nice as a French Provence field aroma, aneth - a good digestive rebel aroma & carvi - 20 grains - they'll suprise U'r palais from time to time with a fresh "citron as" aroma - equilibrates the aroma of the fruits de mer which is fishen-stinky, 2-3 garlic razored, 1 egg, 125-250g of yaourt nature brasse.

Cooking: 1. wash the fruits de mer with cold woter, never with hot! - let the dry 10 minutes in a passoir. 2. During that time put enough water to boil 4 the tagliatelli, when boliling add some crystal sel de guerrande - it's less salty and smells "see" and argille. Fresh pasta must boil 2 minutes at max - al dente as we call it. 3. In a large cristal bowl - to see and apreciate the colors, U'll melt: 1the yaourt nature + 1 beaten egg + les fruits de mer + traces of: carvi, persil, aneth and estragon. We melt well all this.

4. When fresh pasta's boiled, get them out, and for 3 seconds, no more, pass them under fresh water. this will stop them cooking, melting together, being too soft. 5. Put them in "gratin" vase, see photo - which precedently was at the four with some salty butter of Guerrande. 6. in the same boiled water, don't trough it away! boil the choux de Brouxelle, or Brocolis - both have and must give the choux sulfureaux aroma to the composition. Boil for 3-5 minutes, get the out, pass under fresh water, let the dry 5 minutes - in a courrant d'air, if possible, must not so hot the end.

8. Mix the melted composition, with the pasta, uniformly. On the top of the pasta put the choux de Brouxelles ou le brocolis 9. NOW comes the mighty small secret!: the best cheese U'l ever find, ever, is, any, of this - all coming from French Franche Comte - see Jurasic geology: la Cancailotte nature - a l'ail or le Mont D'or. They are aromatic - smell as the sapin, very soft even with the garlic inside. Those 2 cheese must be put at the four enough time to be boiling and very liquid. 10. U'll cover all the composition withe the liquid boiling cheese. 11. Put some 100g of lardons fumes on the top of the cheese and push them to get half inside - this will preserve the fresh fume taste when the top will be grattine.

The four must be prehiten at about 150° - 10 minutes. Put the composition inside, at the top level, and let it roll at a little temperature, 150°, 30 minutes. At the end when a nice 80% yellow + 20% brown color shows up just put the heat on grill at more then 250°. ATTENTION: don't ever quit U'r work now! or it will be spoiled by burning. In about 1-2 minutes, more or less, some crusty cheese will be visible. Get the gratin out and let it take fresh air, don't cover it for 15-20 minutes - it won't be colored, crusty, etc. U can caver it with same papier sulfureux later.

U can serve it in 10 minutes or, as I do, eat it at my job, or when getting out, doing sport or in a promenade.

Personally I prefer the gratin to most of cookings with sausse because of the legerete - easy to digest, no fermentation, tacking it out without spoiling my tenue when working, or bicycling. Also, a gratin is easy to do, beautiful to watch, let's U free to imagine and improvise. Taste allways with a salade, c'est obligatoire to have a very complete and legere repas.

Tagged - the sisterly love edition

Tagged - the sisterly love edition

I was tagged a while ago by my dear friend Mr Whimsiphosphorus.
Please please please, go check him out. He is a genious of inventivity. Especially when it comes to putting songs into images.

1. This is my baby sister Helene. She’s not really a baby anymore. We have 7 years difference and I use to change her nappies. She has grown into a wonderful, strong, ingenious and beautiful woman. I love her to bits.

2. When I was little, I believed that if you use shampoo to shower, you would have hair grow all over your body.

3. I love to cook and bake. You know this already. Last weekend I was away, so I couldn’t bake anything and I have spent all week thinking about what I was going to make this weekend... Sad uh?!

4. I hate it when people use my toothpaste without asking. I think it’s very rude.

5. I am a slow reader. By slow, I mean SUPER SLOW. But I love to read nevertheless. I love to get lost into someone else's world.

6. I don't keep books though. I buy them second hand and give them to charity when I'm done. I have a issue with keeping things. I don't keep anything I don't have use for.

7. I hate TV and I never watch it. I sometimes watch movies on my laptop but that's it. I have been without a TV of my own for more than 10 years.

8. I miss my grandparents. They left this world a long time ago, but I still think about all 4 of them often. They went through WWII and use to tell me about it. I learnt so much from them. Respect, manners, not to sweat the small stuff, to help others, to stray strong whatever life throws at you, to appreciate my freedom and independence.

9. I am not religious. I simply wasn't brought up this way. But sometimes, I pray when I go to bed. Shh... Don't tell anyone.

10. In the last few weeks, I’ve closed a long and painful chapter of my life. I’m free again. I’m moving on and it’s the best feeling in the world. Welcome back to me!

Tomorrow: Engagement party photo session.
Monday: National holiday in England - BAKING!
And I'm getting a new round of tagging going!

watch beautiful cooking 2

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